About Me

I’m Nancy and I’m a 40-something mom of twin 7-year-old boys.

When my kids were about three, I began a yearly photo-journal project. I created albums on sites like Shutterfly, and had a blast coming up with funny captions for the photos.

In 2007 I discovered blurb.com and eventually created this.

I so enjoyed putting a humorous spin on my family’s ups and downs that I began to post little “life snippets” on my Facebook Status Updates.

Eventually I noticed that friends were posting funny e-cards from Bluntcard and Someecards. I thought, “I can do something like that!” and so I worked to develop an original “hook.” Many of my posts were rant-like but I thought it would be neither appropriate nor funny to point a finger at the specific people who irritated me. That’s when I created the Anywoman.

The Anywoman is unidentifiable because she’s not a real person. While she looks like someone you may recognize, she’s actually a mannequin.

Why mannequins? Because besides being unidentifiable, mannequins look perpetually pissed off.  So, yes, a perfect vehicle for delivering these rant-like quips.

When I first started “publishing” the cards on sites like Facebook and Tumblr, many of my friends responded with “Oh, yes! I know exactly what you mean.” That’s when I hypothesized that women like me might need a means to vent their frustration without actually hurting the sources of their irritation. After a few name changes, I settled on Hurty Words because, like the old saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

“Now wait a second, you may be thinking…words can hurt, and they’re especially hurtful when slung maliciously at family members, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances. However, if a mannequin is complaining – without naming the source of her ire – the victim behind the rant has a chance to vent, and the aggressor doesn’t have an excuse to retaliate.

So, if you empathize with any of the sentiments I post, I’ll have hopefully made you feel like you’re not alone in your misery. And you can send them to your like-minded comrades to extend your support circle even further.

My work is currently parked at my Tumblr blog. If you’d like to check it out click here.

Update: I now have a Zazzle store! Check it out here.

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