Forgive me, WordPress, for I have sinned.


Okay, WordPress. Let me be upfront with you:

It’s too much of an effort to post here.

With every inkling of an idea, I find I must set out to write a masterpiece of a blog because this is an important site, and serious bloggers post here.

And you know what? I have written some really good posts here.

But whether you intend to or not, you intimidate me, WordPress.

Also, no one reads me here.

(I don’t wish to insult my readers; you are NOT a nobody! It’s just that your numbers are few. It’s demoralizing to put your heart – and your tired brain – into an essay and have it seen by only twenty people, on average.)

I began blogging on Tumblr, and for some reason I left.

I can’t even remember why. It was probably something as stupid as not being able to find a theme I liked.

But I had regular readers there. Not in the several hundreds, like my other Tumblr account. But nearly triple digits.

As much as Tumblr users complain about the antiquated platform, and gripe about its inability to provide a traditional comment thread, there’s one thing Tumblr has that neither WordPress nor Blogger have: the Dashboard.

The Dashboard helps to bring bloggers and readers together in real time, so that when I post something, I can get immediate feedback. I like that about Tumblr. There are many things I don’t like about it, but I’m fond of the interaction that blogging site allows.

So….it’s come to this:

I’m going to pick up where I left off here (and perhaps pack up some of my published posts) and move back home.

I hope you’ll follow me there.

Or at least check in from time to time.

Find me here: Hurty Words

Thanks again for reading and caring enough to make a comment every once in a while.




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