Stick A Pin In It

Funny how I just blogged about voodoo dolls and now I’m writing another post about pins.

These pins are figurative, however, and in most cases less sharp than your ordinary tack.

Of course, I’m talking about Pinterest, the trendy new social networking site in which a user-base of mostly women “pin” recipes and wedding ideas to their virtual “boards,” and followers can, in turn, “like” (in Facebook fashion) the pins and/or “re-pin” the images onto their own boards.

I’m using it because I like to look at photos of homes I will never be able to afford and to pretend I’m a fashionista. But all of that is really a ruse to get people to click on my HurtyWords products.

Some have called it glorified scrapbooking, and others have grumbled (half-heartedly) about the addictive nature of the site.

I, for one, do not think most are using it to its full potential.

Sure, I love to peruse the photos of exotic vacation locales and awe-inspiring kitchens. And I swear that one of these days I will make that recipe for salted caramel brownies. But I think the site takes itself too seriously. It could use a bit more humor, is all I’m saying.

Thankfully, some of my friends (and very funny ones, at that) are helping me to laugh by sticking it to Pinterest with prickling sarcasm and a few jabs of mockery.

For example, here’s Rex Huppke’s ode to ham and Pauly Miller’s commentary on family and relationships. And if there are others treating Pinterest this way, I surely want to know about it because I’m getting a little bored with the pretty pictures.

I’m actually trying to inject my own brand of sarcasm with my “I Don’t Love My Kids Enough” board, wherein I mock the type of crafters who think that making your own sidewalk chalk is a worthwhile endeavor.

Although I do enjoy poking fun at some of the pins, I’ll never go so far as to troll someone’s boards and make nasty comments. A few weeks ago, I saw an awesome photo of cauliflower representing a famous explosion in history, and someone had the nerve to wag her pinning finger and tell the pinner it was tasteless. I’m all for letting creativity flow, and unless I see some real hatred being promoted on the site, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

But as with other social media venues, I’m already seeing thievery and the “borrowing” of intellectual property without assigning proper credit to the original pinner.

(I almost laughed out loud when I wrote “intellectual property” because I was referring to someone’s theft of my pin about Loreal’s Magic Perfecting Base.)

All in all, it’s a fun site, and I encourage you to check it out, follow me, and point me in the direction of the Pinning Pioneers. Let’s make scrapbooking a little more edgy, shall we?

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