Purty Words? I Could Never Live it Down.

So, lately my life has been a shitstorm. You know Murphy? The guy who created that law about bad things happening. That’s what it’s been like to be me.

I won’t bore with you the personal details, but it seemed like a piling-on of one terrible piece of news after another: family, health, finances.

Now when bad things happen to good people…and keep on happening, you start to doubt whether or not you are (in fact) a good person after all.

You begin to believe that maybe you deserve the crap life is throwing at you.

And nothing good can ever come from that belief.

Because once you feel like you’re  not worthy, you sort of invite the caca into your world. “Come in,” you say. “Please take up residence in my pitiful abode. You’ll fit in just perfectly here!”

Of course, at the time you don’t realize you’re sending out personal invitations. You just believe you’re a victim. “Wah wah,” you cry. “Woe is me” and similar self-talk.

It’s difficult to believe that you (me, in this case) has anything to do with the unfortunate series of events because you’re so busy feeling sorry for yourself.

But all it takes is a single moment of clarity to begin to spin that mindset in another direction.

That moment came for me yesterday, when I reached across my desk to open (and watch) a DVD I had purchased last year. A DVD based on a book I had read years ago. One which had really changed my life at the time, but its lessons were stored away so deep in the recesses of my mind that I simply forgot about its wisdom. 

If you don’t know anything about Louise Hay, I’ll sum up her philosophy very quickly for you: Change your thoughts to heal your life.

I realize it sounds nauseatingly New Age-y, but I’m convinced there’s something to it. Approximately eight years ago, I created a vision of a family. I was suffering from infertility, and the odds were stacked against a 38-year-old woman with rapidly expiring eggs. So I spent at least 20-30 minutes per day creating a realistic scene in my mind.  In the scene, there was a small child laughing and running around in our backyard. I “lived” that scene until I actually believed it was true.

A few months later (and with minimal intervention from fertility drugs), I found out that I was pregnant. Not with one baby, but two.

Skeptics love to rebuff the Law of Attraction. They make jokes about it and the people who swear by it.

Based on everything I’ve written so far in this blog, and the types of cards I create, you would think I was one of those people. But I have no choice but to be a believer, because I won’t let myself bring any more negativity into my world.

There’s just one problem.

How can I reconcile this new way of thinking with the type of material I create for this blog and my Hurty Words products? Can I be cynical and snarky while also adhering to a positive-thinking mindset?

That is the challenge.

Because while “purty” words will likely improve my life, they’re not very funny. Punny, perhaps…but not funny.

And I’ve always believed that humor has great potential in the spirit-lifting department.

So, maybe that’s the key. I’ll laugh at the idiots, but won’t let them get me down.

Maybe that’s the answer for all of you out there, as well.


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