Universal Music Group Hates Children! (It’s only a joke.)

Last April, the family took a trip to Club Med’s Sandpiper resort in Florida.

What’s great about the family-oriented Club Med properties is that they literally steal your kids for eight hours straight. Of course, they return them in time for dinner, but then sometimes you get to unload them again for special night-time performances in which they are the stars!

Now let me be honest: these shows are awful! But, that’s not the point. The performances give you the opportunity to use your Flip-Cam and get the requisite  footage of your children, who are otherwise missing in action during daytime hours.

“How bad can it be?” you ask. Well, watch a minute or so of this video. You probably won’t even make it that far.

When I posted this on YouTube, I didn’t expect anyone to even notice it, let alone view it. It’s there primarily for the grandparents who are somehow able to stomach much more of this kind of crap than I am.

But then I received this message in my inbox today:

So I clicked on link to learn more:

Does UMG actually see this amateur (totally amateur, by the way. Did you see the camera-work?) as copyright infringement?  Does it look like I’m trying to promote anything with this clip?  I wonder who polices these videos and reports back to the corporate giants. Are they laughing at the absurdity of it all as they’re sending this information to their supervisors?

Not that I care if people in Germany are blocked from seeing this masterpiece. And I’m not curious enough to inquire why it’s only Germany that’s blocked.

I just want to know how a video that’s been viewed a total of nine times is going to impact K’naan and/or sales of “Wavin’ the Flag.”

It’s a rhetorical question; I don’t expect an answer.

But since I might expect to be accused of libeling UMG in my post’s title above, I was careful to provide the parenthetical disclaimer next to it. I typically get less than 20 readers per day, but you can’t be too careful. I don’t think lawyers really understand sarcasm.

(Once again…just a joke.)



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2 responses to “Universal Music Group Hates Children! (It’s only a joke.)

  1. Gruntled&Employed

    I actually used to work for UMG and I feel obligated to say that they don’t hate children. As evidenced by their continued pattern of releasing “music” by “bands” such as the Black Eyed Peas, it should be obvious that they hate EVERYBODY.

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