Kids: Our Darling Little Go-Betweens!

Say you walk into an establishment which typically requires an appointment if you expect service.

Peering into the windows of said establishment, you notice that the staff does not appear to be busy at the moment.

So, you take a chance, walk in to the establishment, and inquire as to whether service may be available right there on the spot.

You are told, “No. I’m sorry, but we have appointments scheduled for the next hour and a half.”

Are you outraged and disbelieving? Do you turn to your child companions and say, “We have to go! They don’t have time for us!” in a louder than necessary tone of voice, and then repeat this same phrase twice as you stomp out the door?

You do if you’re the passive-aggressive bitch who walked into KidSnips just as the stylists were sweeping up after my boys’ haircuts.

Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of others like her…parents who delight in the fact that they can unleash their anger in the presence of their innocent offspring…using them as pawns in their game of “Public Put-Down”. Since their kids are right there, the peeved can feign conversation rather than having it look like they’re just angrily (and crazily) talking to themselves.

But while the boorish customer may succeed in blowing off a little steam, she really doesn’t gain anything in the end.  The best service people know how to keep their cool while the big babies have their tantrums, and they also have excellent memories. So, good luck returning to the store where you made a huge jackass of yourself.

Then there are the witnesses to the infantile behavior. In this case, it was just me. But there I was… taking it all in and grinning at the prospect of having another topic of irritation to post on my blog.

So, thank you, Rude Mom. You made my day a little less dull, and showed me how not to behave if and when my ego begins to eclipse my sense of common decency.


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