What’s that smell?

A couple of days ago I was running after my kids in the mall when – suddenly – the sight of the Build-a-Bear Workshop sign made them stop abruptly in their little boy tracks.  Now, I’ve always thought that place was a bit odd, what with the racks of clothing and accessories meant to be worn by…stuffed bears. But since most of the stores in the mall were closed due to a widespread power outage in the area, I relented and agreed to let them go in and “look.”

We were not even five steps in when I spot them : The Blizzard® Bears Collection greeting us front and center.

I thought, “Now they’ve really lost it.”

Apparently, the “Workshop” has paired up with Dairy Queen to feature four flavors of stuffed bear – Cookie Dough Blizzard, Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard, Candy Blizzard and Beary Blizzard. The naked bears cost $22, but of course you’ll want to dress them up with a Legging Outfit ($10.50), a Tutu Outfit with Bow ($12.50), or a Sundae Tee ($7.00). Yes, that’s right…$7 for a stuffed animal’s tee-shirt.

Once they’re dressed they will of course need ice cream accoutrements, like a Visor & Apron Server Set ($8.00) or an Ice Cream Cone Carrier ($9.00).

If you buy a bear, you’ll receive an online code which enables you to download a coupon for an actual mini-Blizzard when you buy an actual full-sized Blizzard at participating Dairy Queen locations.

The kids think this is the coolest thing ever! They’re certainly what you’d call a novelty item. And they smell kind of good…for the duration you’re sniffing them in the store, which is equivalent to about 2-3 seconds.

But how long is that deliciousness going to last? I give it two days at home before the essence of faux chocolate or sickeningly-sweet berry is going to mix with all the other odors in your house and, consequently, make you feel ill.

So you, as the sensible adult, must weigh the pros and cons of the scented bear and figure out that this Dairy Queen promotional tool is not worth upwards of $40 – even with the free DQ Blizzard incentive.

But, damn! Those marketing folks are geniuses. The kids are still talking about these bears two days later.

I’ll try to hold them off by taking them out for ice cream.

Anywhere but Dairy Queen.



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6 responses to “What’s that smell?

  1. susie

    Perfect! Can I get them gift certificates for Build-a-Bear for their birthday?

  2. It always makes me laugh when people are like, “Well, yeah we bought a $40 bear with clothing, but we got a free small blizzard with purchase.”
    Whatever they have to do to rationalize it, I guess. But yeah. Marketing is genius if only for realizing how vulnerable children are and catering to them. They’re basically banking on parents who are unable to say no to their kids.

  3. bianca

    i have two of those bears and the scent lasts for like 2 or 3 months. i am a kid if you’re wondering.

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