Laying Out My Cards

Because 388 words wasn’t enough to tell you About Me, I want to take a few minutes to explain what I do in my spare time.

Last summer I began to create graphic illustrations of some of my tweets, particularly the ones I thought were relatable in the sense that people would nod and think, “Yeah. That annoys me, too.”

Some of the topics were understood to be universally annoying: bad drivers, kids on airplanes, the assholes who choose to sit in front of you in movie theaters just as the film is about to start, and of course, people who make a mockery of the English language:

In the early days, I called these cards k*thanx.

And I couldn’t help but include a few of my favorite irksome categories: politicians,  Cable “news” commentators, and reality television stars.

Reality Show Hell (shown in an earlier design template for k*thanx)

But then I started getting requests. People were pissed off about all sorts of things, like the script used by fast-food drive-thru order-takers, the way some people position themselves on escalators so you can’t pass them, the jerks who put their hands on every piece of luggage circulating on the airport carousel.

At the same time I noticed that Bluntcard and Someecards posts were going viral because people saw something recognizable in the text and thought, “Oh, yes!’ while they were LOL-ing (or simply chuckling to themselves).

And then I thought, “Maybe the messages in my cards could help the malcontent feel validated and understood, while also providing some comic relief.”

So here’s my pitch: If you’re angry or annoyed (or even mildly irritated), fill me in on the details of your rage, and I’ll see if I can create a personalized card for you. While I’m currently working on a plan to market these cards to aggravated moms (’cause I heard there’s a lot of them out there), I still enjoy writing for a broader audience on topics as wide and varied as all of your complaints. Basically, I have a good time creating these, so if you have a gripe or a rant, leave a comment below.

And if you’d like to see a collection of past k*thanx/Hurty Words cards, you can find them on my Tumblr site.



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2 responses to “Laying Out My Cards

  1. Peggy Anderson

    Women who wash their hands at the sink next to mine in a public bathroom and then shake the water off, and a few drops hit me.

    • That’s one I’ve never thought about before, but I like it! People are who are big on trying to environmentally conscious (by not using the paper towels), but who don’t have the common decency to be conscious about the people in their environment. I’d like to work on this on. Thanks!

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