So what is this all about?

In 2004, I became a mother.  A mother of twins. Twin boys (!)

Of course, I was thrilled to have completed my family in one fell swoop! But I was also terrified that I would do this parenting thing in a way that would screw up my kids.

I know this is a universal feeling. We’re all scared, right? So why do some women insist on making us feel like we’re hopeless and incompetent, rather than listening sympathetically to our fears, and helping us to manage the chaos?

Why do some moms insist on announcing their parenting prowess in a way that undercuts the rest of us?

You know exactly who I’m talking about: the moms who imply we’re doing everything wrong, and make us feel like we’re not right for the job.

And their children: Geniuses. Athletes. Beauty queens. Yours…not so much.

But let’s not kid ourselves. We’re not so virtuous, either. We’re jealous and we also occasionally fall victim to the belief that our kids are superior beings. We can be petty and mean and we often yearn to lob brilliant zingers at these Mommy Monsters…to put them in their place!


We don’t publicly shame these women because that’s not nice. Plus it’s not very productive.

It’s not wise to blurt out our opinions, either online or in real life. The price is simply too high.

But…just but…

What if you could rant in an anonymous way, where both the aggressor and the victim go unnamed? Would that be so wrong?

What if you had the chance to release your stress without inflicting any pain?

It’s possible, and I hope to be your accomplice in this mission. You’ll soon see what I’m talking about.

If misery loves company, maybe that company can make it feel more accepted and perhaps nudge a little smile out of it.

Welcome to the company. Let’s see  if we can hold each other up, rather than knock each other down.


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